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About This Website


In the summer of 2011, we decided it was time to completely re-do our website, which we first posted in the 1990's. It has been periodically updated since then, but the updates did not adequately reflect the changes we have experienced since that time.

We thought about hiring a web design company for the job, but concluded that no one could tell our story better than we could, so we decided to do the job ourselves. The only problem was that none of us knew anything about web design. Bang Head on Keyboard Fortunately, there are abundant resources in Whatcom County that are available to help with a project such as this. The one I chose was the Web Certification Program offered by Western Washington University.

I soon found myself learning about html, css, psp, jquery, and other things I had never heard of. After many months, this website is the end result. If you notice any mistakes as you are going through it, or if the links do not work correctly, please contact us.

Special thanks to graphic designer Brian O'Neill for helping us create the design of the site, to my incredibly imaginative co-workers for helping with the content, and to Josh and Nathan, my very patient instructors at WWU for teaching me everything I know about web design. Back