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Clinic Cats

Arby Arby was brought to us by a good Samaritan who found him after he was hit by a car on the Guide Meridian in front of Arby's Restaurant. We fixed him and his broken leg, and he has been with us since 1999. True to his name, his favorite foods are burgers, fries, and a milkshake.

SisSis came to us in 2004, our first female clinic cat. At that time, we had three male clinic cats, but she soon ruled the roost. She tolerates petting, but only when she is in the mood for it. The stereotypical cat, everything must be on her terms.

CharminCharmin showed up in our parking lot during a snow storm. We were unable to locate her owners, so now she is in charge of guarding the petfood. If you visit us, this is most likely where you will find her. She loves to be scratched, but hates to be squeezed, hence her name.

PestoBuddha-Pest has a split personality, reflected in his name. Sometimes he is serene and contemplative, but mostly he is the ultimate nuisance. When not underfoot, he is under faucet. It is sad but true, he has a drinking problem. Back