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Pashience, Veterinary Assistant


Hi! My name is Pashience Merchant and I have been working at Mountain Veterinary Hospital since September 2015. I grew up in Arlington Washington and moved to Bellingham in 2014 to attend Western Washington University. I chose Bellingham and Western simply because my end goal has always been to be in the medical field helping others. I plan on graduating from Western with a BS in behavioral neuroscience, then getting a BS in bioengineering before heading off to med school to become an orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedics caught my attention as a career choice at a young age. In kindergarten I fell 8ft and broke my left ulna and radius. Even though I would like to say I learned my lesson that time about how fragile bones are, I apparently did not because I broke my left arm in the exact same spot in 5th grade as well. Had the same doctors the second time around and lets just say I became very familiar with what a career as an orthopedic surgeon entailed and I was in love. I knew ever since then that my goal was to be a surgeon fixing bones and hopefully advancing prosthetics as well.

Growing up, my family consisted of my parents, an older and younger brother, 4 miniature poodles, and 2 cats. I currently have a Betta fish, Poseidon, and my beautiful Yorkshire Terrier, Jackson. My family was far from lacking on animal love and care, and even though I’ve always planned on being a medical doctor my experience at Mountain Veterinary Hospital has shown me how much I would love to work with animals for a career choice as well. So for now I will continue with my plan until I reach a decision on medical school or vet school and soak up all the fur kisses I can from work and home.

 On my free time I enjoy playing with my fur baby, going on hikes, drawing, painting, and photography. Any outdoor adventure, especially ones I can take Jackson on too, are almost always my go to choice on my days off. Back