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Stefanie BourcierStefanie

After graduating from Bellingham Technical College’s Veterinary Assistant program, Stefanie was recruited by Ed to fill a position at Mountain Vet while at a check-up for her kitty.  She worked at Mountain Vet from 2001 until 2003 when she graduated from WWU with a degree in zoology. 

While living in Bellingham, Stefanie worked with Ed and Michelle, and also worked for 5 years in the biology department at WWU studying insect ecology and evolution.  From there she moved to Tucson to ‘dry out’.  While in Arizona she worked with a veterinary dentist, a homeopathic vet, general medicine, and equine emergency. 

After 10 months of heat she was ready to move on with her soon to be husband Tyler.  They landed in West Chester, Pennsylvania and lived in a big old historic farmhouse 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia.  Ed and Michelle were her first of very few visitors while she lived on the east coast!  While in West Chester, Stefanie worked as a nurse in a veterinary oncology clinic assisting in chemotherapy, radiation, radiology, surgery, and critical care and also ran a canine cancer research program. 

While in West Chester, she also attended graduate school and earned a MS in biology, writing a thesis focused on the use of salamanders as indicator species for environmental quality.

  With a fair amount of scientific fieldwork under her belt, Stefanie left the world of veterinary medicine and headed west with her husband and 6 pets to Santa Cruz, California where she found more field work in agriculture.  

Since 2007 she has been working for and now runs Farm Fuel Inc. out of Watsonville, CA.  At Farm Fuel, in addition to running the show, Stefanie heads up research trials looking for better ways to replace toxic chemicals in agriculture.  Farm Fuel is a farming, manufacturing, research, and marketing company all in one.  They manufacture oils for biofuels, biofumigants and fertilizers for farmers, and have recently started selling fertilizers for gardeners too. 

In addition to growing mustard seeds, Stefanie has grown a family of 1 husband, 1 son named Oly, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 5 tortoises, 6 chickens, and a big garden on their property in the Santa Cruz Mountains.   

In her nearly non-existent spare time, Stefanie volunteers for the California State Parks, county elections, is the garden coordinator at her son’s school, and visits Haiti once per year to help out in medical clinics and teach farming classes.   Stefanie misses sitting on the porch of Mountain Vet on a quiet Thursday afternoon looking up at Mount Baker and scratching Willie and Arby. Back